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Barrington, IL Tree Service

Barrington, IL Tree Service – Cook and Lake County Top Rated Tree Removal Specialist

·  Emergency Tree Trimming in portions of Cook and Lake County

·  Commercial and Residential Tree Removal – Bonded & Licensed

·  Your Affordable Stump Grinder – Top Rated by our Customers

·  Professional Stump Removal – Don’t Wait to Remove that Hazard

·  Tree Felling- Skilled and Experienced Tree Cutting

·  Best Tree Trimmer in DuPage County – Local Tree Pruning

For nearly 3 decades Abbot Tree Care has been the go-to tree service company in the Barrington area.

Arborist and Tree Surgeon – Serving 60010, 60011 and 62765 for more than 25 Years

·  Best Old Tree Care in Barrington – We Have the Experience You Need

·  Top rated Tree Disease Prevention and Cure – Complete Tree Health is our #1 Goal

·  Tree Fertilizer Specialist – We Feed Your Trees for a Longer Life

·  Certified Arborist on Staff – Full Time, Skilled and Experienced

Our Certified Arborist, is a full-time professional. He is trained to diagnose your most challenging tree and shrubbery problems.

Landscaper – Serving Barrington and Surrounding Cook and Lake Counties

·  Top Quality Landscape Supplies – Quality Matters!

·  Your Local and Affordable Landscaping Company

·  We Provide Full Hardscape Design and Hardscaping Services

·  From Dream to Installation and Beyond – We are Your Landscape Team

We are far more than Barrington’s top tree trimming service. Our landscape crews design and install some of the most beautiful landscape projects throughout Barrington.

Landscape Designer – Natural Designs and Ornamental Masterpieces

·  Superior Residential and Commercial Landscape Architecture

·  Landscape Plan Development and Consulting

·  Landscape Lighting Designer – Solar and Low Voltage

·  Landscape Edging, Gravel, Retaining Walls & Borders

·  Landscape Grasses, Lighting, Trees, Plants and Shrubs

Our dedicated landscape design team have the design skills and vision to help you design a landscape that is HGTV worthy! Call us and you’ll be surprised at just how affordable professional landscaping design can be.

Snow Removal Service – Commercial and Residential

·  Affordable Snow Plowing Service – Flexible Contracts and Emergency Service

·  Complete Snow Management Company – Salting, Clearing, Ice Treatment

·  Best Local Parking Lot and Driveway Snow Plowing

Our fleet of heavy duty snow removal equipment is one of the largest in the area. Our skilled staff provide fast and professional snow removal and emergency snow plowing for businesses and homes.

Lawn Care – Reliable Residential and Commercial Services

·  Lawn Maintenance Specialists – Experienced and Professional

·  Superior Lawn Cutting Equipment – We Efficiently Get the Job Done

·  Lawn Fertilizing – We Grow Gorgeous Grass, Safely

·  Pest Control for Lawns – Chinch Bug Eradication and Grub Treatment

·  Weed Control – Safe and Effective Weed Abatement Specialists

Let’s face it. You’d rather spend your summers having fun! Let us take the hard, sweaty grind of yard work off your summer to-do list!

Firewood Supplier – Hard Wood by the Cord and Truckload

·  Aged and Dried Hardwood Firewood for Pickup or Delivery

·  Mulch Supplier – Black, Brown, Red and Natural Mulch Delivery

·  Affordable Cedar, Cypress Pine Bark and Hardwood Mulch

·  Best Playground & Landscaping Mulch by the Yard

Top quality hardwood that is priced right. Perfect for all your fire place, wood stove and smoker needs. Premium mulch available in a variety and species and colors.

Holiday and Outdoor Christmas Lighting Company

·  Exterior Christmas Decoration Installation

·  Professional Holiday Lights Installed – LED

·  Christmas Lawn and House Decorations – Local and Affordable

Let one of our holiday lighting designers create a winter wonderland at your home! We have the lighting and decorations to handle the largest jobs yet we’re affordable enough that even a modest home display is within your reach.

The History of Barrington, IL

The history of Barrington can be traced back to 1832 and the Blackhawk War when the migration of the Mascouten and Pottawatomi Indian tribes began across the Mississippi River. For centuries the area where Barrington is now located had been home to these Indian tribes until Chief Blackhawk signed a treaty which forced them to leave, opening up huge tracts of land to early settlers along the Fox River in 1834.

Pioneers arrived from Troy in New York via the City of Chicago and settled in an area that was later to become “Cuba Township” in Lake County. Other settlers came, notably from Great Barrington in the Berkshire County area, as well as Massachusetts and Vermont, to the area now known as Cook County. Originally known as “Miller Grove” the settlement was later called “Barrington Center”.

Situated at the junction of Sutton Road and Route 68, the rich soil and ample water in the area attracted a large community of industrious farming families throughout the 1830s that took advantage of the opportunity to create a prosperous future for themselves and those who were to follow.  Today Barrington encompasses an area that includes portions of both Cook and Lake counties.

With the many changes caused by the migration into Barrington Center, the residents soon developed a community. First the schoolhouse, Northway School, was built in early 1840 as a simple one-room venue that also served as a house of worship for the Congregationalists and the Methodists until they built their own respective churches in 1859. In 1850 they set up a town government and named their township “Barrington”.

In 1854 a plan was completed by Robert C. Campbell for a village named “Barrington Station”. It consisted of 80 acres of land bounded by County Line Road east of Spring Street, Russel Street, and Hough Street,the nucleus of which today forms Barrington proper. Soon after the northwest extension of the Chicago & Fond-Du-Lac Railroad was completed – which later became known as the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad. The initial site of the railroad station was Deer Grove but protests from the residents of Deer Grove saw the station carted by flat car a few miles up the track to a site that soon after became known as Barrington Station.

Log constructed homes soon appeared around Barrington Station and in 1855 milled lumber operations first began in the village. As a vivid reminder of the rustic past of Barrington, the original building that housed the mill still stands today as a fixture on Franklin Street.

The population of 300 in Barrington Station decided in 1863 on a referendum separating local from township powers which led to state legislature granting approval in 1865 of the charter for the “Village of Barrington”. Many people saw the advantage of moving to Barrington with its growing number of new stores and easy access to the railroad. This resulted in a number of small businesses opening near the railroad to keep pace with the growing needs of its residents.

As Chicago steadily grew from a small prairie town to a huge hub of industry and commerce, the desire for suburban living increased which led to major population growth for the Village of Barrington and its surrounding areas. During the 1920s wealthy Chicago families moved into the Barrington area and built huge family estate homes. Although the population of the Village of Barrington slowed during the difficult period between the 1930s and 1940s, it resumed its growth from the 1950s to the 1970s as a result of the post-World War II “baby boom” and the suburbanization of the Chicago area. In 2015 the Village celebrated its 150th anniversary.

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