Hands with gloves of gardener doing maintenance work, pruning trees

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning isn’t just used to improve the appearance of your trees. Our goal is to promote the structural integrity and appearance of your trees.

Proper tree pruning techniques are essential. They can mean the difference between a safe tree and a threat to your family, pets, and visitors. We use science-based pruning techniques to achieve healthier trees and a safer landscape.

Our certified arborists can identify structural issues and detect disease, dead branches, or other damage. Then our crew will remove the hazards to keep your property’s ecosystem thriving.

  • Promote proper structure
  • Improve sunlight penetration and airflow to reduce the likelihood of storm damage
  • Stimulate fruit production
  • Increase the lifespan of your trees


Abbott Tree Care works with recognized organizations to ensure the highest confidence in our services.

Pruning is the most common tree and shrub maintenance practice. Improper pruning practices can cause irreparable damage to a tree’s structural integrity, appearance, and health. It can even shorten a tree’s life.

Abbott Tree Care follows ANSI A300 pruning standards to reduce potential of hazards occurring or worsening such as cracks, defects, and deadwood.


Regular maintenance pruning helps improve a tree’s health and structure by removing dead, diseased, decayed, or weak branches. We also prune for aesthetics, ensuring the lasting beauty of any tree to the property owner’s satisfaction.


Bring a tree back to its ideal form and stimulate new, healthy growth


Winter can be an ideal season for pruning. It’s easier for our arborists to spot defects like fungi, cracks, and abnormalities on leafless trees. Specific species are best to prune when dormant. Our arborists will determine if your trees should be pruned in the dormant season.


Maintain the safety and integrity of your trees. Hazard pruning can minimize dangers caused by dead, diseased, decayed, or weak branch structure.

Abbott Tree Care provides a full range of hazard pruning services

  • Crown Cleaning – Removal of crossing, conflicting branch structures
  • Crown Thinning – Removal of selected limbs to allow better airflow throughout
  • Crown Raising – Elevating the canopy to promote better branch structure
  • Crown Reduction – Height reduction for pollarding
  • Crown Shaping – Shaping of ornamental trees
  • Crown Restoration – Corrective pruning for storm damage
  • Custom Pruning – Owner or property-specific needs


We’re ready to care for your property as if it were our own.
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